The Feast’s concerts

Few hours and the feast’s concerts will start where most of the superstars will hold concerts in different areas.

The super star Ahmed Adwia after a long absence will have a concert in north coast with Ghalia Ben Ali.

Mohamed Hamaki also will have a concert there with the superstar Nicole Saba

In sokhna, The superstar Ramy Sabry with Wama band and The lovely Nancy Ajarm will be in Sharm Elshekh

Mohamed Mohi releases new single

The star Mohamed Mohi will release a new single

The song’s lyrics by Mohamed Bahaa Eldin and composed by Mohamed Mohi and they didn’t choose its name yet.

Sari “Still has a lot to show”

Mazzika is releasing today the album “Lesa Andy keteer” for the upcoming star Sari, its Sari’s first album distributed by Mazzika. It took the star two years for the album preperatins, it has 11 songs. Album lyrics by Ayman ezz, arranged by Karim Mohsen and composed by Mohamed Shafik.

Ramy Sabry finishes his new album

The superstar Ramy Sabry has finished recording most of his upcoming album’s songs that is produced by Mazzika and suppose to be released this summer 2015-07-13
Ramy is now following up on preparing the master.

The album contains 10 songs where he cooperated with a selection of writers and composers and yet he didn’t choose the album’s name.

“Men Gherak” For Tamer Ashour on Mazzika YouTube channel.

Mazzika released today a video clip of The loved superstar Tamer Ashour called “Men Gherak”, it was released on Mazzika YouTube channel, Nagham FM, 9090 Radio, Mix FM, MBC FM, and it’s also downloadable on ITunes.
The song’s lyrics is by Nader Abdallah, Arranged by Waleed Saad and composed by Tarek Abdelgaber.
The song was released in his latest album “Ana Esht Maak Hekayat” and was performed and shot in his concert in Must university in which was a great success.

Mohamed Bash new clip;

Today Mazzika releases a new video clip for Mohamed Bash on its YouTube channel titled by “ Shoofy Ma Fi” The clip is also released on Nagham FM, Nogoom FM, Radio 9090, MBC Radio FM, ITunes. Composed by Khaled Khaled. Lyrics, Arranged and directed by “Karim Kabara”. The clip was shot in Malaysia..

Magda Elromy sings in Summer festival opening

The Superstar Magda Elromy sang in the summer festival opening in Joniah city for two hours where the concert was attended by 4,000 person
Magda sang a selection of her well known hits.

The Opera resumes its concerts

The Opera will resume its concerts with a performance for the superstar Ali Elhaggar tonight at 9:30

Ali will sing a selection of his well known songs

Monir ElWasemy sue an issue for being ruled out the elections

The Musician Monir ElWasemy has decided to sue for being ruled out the elections of the musical Syndicate

He said he was shocked that they removed his name from the candidate’s list

Khaled Selim is On Radio 9090

Khaled Selim will be hosted on Radio 9090 and program “ Kalam Bywdy w Bygeb “ tomorrow Wednesday

Where khaled will share his moments and memories in Ramadan and he will talk about his participation this year in a selection of series that are broadcasted in Ramadan.

Don’t miss Khaled Selim on Radio 9090 tomorrow on 4pm

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