Zeezee Adel new clip new hair style in Aoyoubo Kteer

Today Mazzika will release a new clip "Aoyoubo Kteer" for Zeezee Adel. You can watch the clip on Mazzika Youtube channel or listen on Nagham Fm, Radio 9090, Mix Fm and MBC Fm, you can also download it from Itunes and Mazzika Box. The song lyrics and composition by Zeezee Adel and arranged by Mohamed Shafik. Zeezee upcoming album will be released soon and this clip for it. This clip released within the songs of the upcoming album of Zeezee Adel.

Hamaki In Sokhna

Mohamed Hamaki will participate in event in Ein El-Sokhna on 13 April , the event will start at 6:00pm and Hamaki will Prefrom many of his popular songs such as Bahebak kol youm aktar and Nawhia. Hamaki is still working on his upcoming album that will be released this summer, the album will include 12 tracks.

Dianna Haddad in Asrar El-Nogoum

Tomorrow on Mazzika channel a new episode for Asrar El Nogoum, the guest will be Dianna Hadad which will show in this episode a secrets from her childhood and her first milestone she achieved in her career. The episode was filmed in Lebanon and it will be repeated next Saturday on Mazzika channel.

Loai New clip "Bahebak" on Mazzika YouTube

Today Mazzika released a new clip "Bahebak" for the superstar Loai this song from his upcoming album that will be released in the coming days. You can watch the clip on Mazzika YouTube channel and listen to it on Nagham Fm, 9090 Radio, Mix Fm, and Mbc Fm. the song lyrics by Mohamed El-Rafei, composed by Mohamed Elnady and arranged by Tarek Tawakol. The clip was filmed in 3 days in Greece and it was directed by Yannis Dimolitsas.

Nawal Elzoghby records a new album;

The Lebeanease diva Nawal Elzoghby recorded 7 new songs of her latest album. Nawal is cooperating with many Arrangers and writers like; Bassem Adel, Mohamed Goma and Mohamed Rahim. The Diva is working on her other songs to be added to her album that will be released next summer.

Madian "Omla Nadra" on Mazzika YouTube

Today Mazzika released a new song "Omla Nadra" for Madian. You can listen to the song on Mazzika YouTube, Nagham FM, Mix Fm, Radio 9090 and MBC Fm. The song lyrics by Abdel Rahman Mohamed, composed by Madian and arranged by Ahmed Abdel Salam.

Amal Maher Bahebak on Mazzika youtube

Today Mazzika released a new song "bahebak" for Amal Maher. You can download the song from Itunes and listen to it at Mazzika youtube, Nagham Fm, 9090 Radio and Mix Fm. The song lyrics Ayman Bahgat, composed by Walid Saad and arranged by Toma.

Tarek Fouad new clip "Nefsy Aesh Zamanak"

Today Mazzika wil release new clip " Nefsy Aesh Zamanak" on Youtube for Tarek Fouad. The song lyrics by Hany Fouad, arranged by Ahmed Mostafa and composed by Tarek Fouad. This song was released in his latest album " Madeh Elnaby". The clip will also be broadcasted next week on Mazzika channel.

Songs leak orders the composer Madian to sing

The composers Madian was surprised from the leak of his song that was a gift to wife in the wedding, the song achieved more than one million views on social media. a lot of people asked Madian to release the full version of the song therefore he contract with Mazzika to release the song "3omla Nadra". The song lyrics by Abdel Rahman Mohamed and arranged by Ahmed Abdel Salam. it has to mentioned that Madian did a great success with composing many songs to famous artists such as Elissa, Ahmed Gamal, Sherin and Mohamed Hamaky

Mohamed Mounir in EEDC

Mohamed Mounir participated in the ceremony of Egypt Economic Development Conference taking place on the 13th till the 15th of March in Sharm Elsheikh. Mounir will perform Masr Orayeba operetta which was broadcasted lately on all satellite channels to support tourism.

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