Hany Shaker sings tomorrow, " Alexandria Lover. "

The great singer Hani Shaker .. is preparing tomorrow to revive a concert in the great city of Alexandria .. It is scheduled that Shakersings “Ashek Ya Iskenderia” during the ceremony for the first time and after that was put forward in a " single song " few days ago , especially after the a large number of the attendees requested to hear it.. song lyrics Mohammed Salah , composed by Khaled Geneidi , and distribution of Yasser Majid , and directed by Mohsen Shihab

Mounir in “Sawah”

The superstar Mohamed Mounir visted Germany last week to complete his yearly tour there, Mounir used his break time to shoot the documentary musical movie Sawah” directed by Adlof Elasal.
Also Mounir performed in the finals of the world musical festival “Bardentreffen”, which is taking place at Norbeg Germany. The king performed many Patriotic and famous Hits.

Karim Mohsen story “After Days” passed on YouTube

Mazzika released the song “ Maret Alayam” Execlusively on Mazzika Youtube channel. The song was performed by the well-known artist Karim Mohsen. The song was also released on Nagham FM and Itunes stores.

Mazzika releases Nawal Elzoghby cover photo;

The golden Diva Nawal Elzoghbi is getting ready to release her latest album “Mosh Mesamha” produced by Mazzika and Alam Elphan. The Diva will be singing in both Lebanese and Egyptian accents. Today Mazzika released Nawal’s album cover photo, through its social media accounts. On the other hand Nawal is shooting in Romania a song from her album, the song is called “Ya Gada3”, with the Lebanese director Joe Boe Eid, the song is in the Egyptian accent. Lyrics by Mohamed Elbogha, arranged by Mohamed Abdelmoniem. The album will be in markets very soon. The Diva recorded 11 songs and released one clip with Mazzika called “Wala Bahebak, the clip’s lyrics by Hany Abdelkarim, arranged by Ramy Sabry, composed by Khaled Nabil and directed by Jad Hebr.

The best gift Riham Abdelhakim

Today Mazzika released “A7la Hedeya” Riham Abdelhakim latest album. The album includes 10 songs.

Aly Elhagar in Alexanderia summer festival;

Aly Elhagar is performing with an Orcestra in Alexandria library on Thursday 13th of August, he is participating in Alexanderia the 13th summer festival, organized by the library. The festival will take place this year between 30th of July and 4th of September.

Zeezee Adel lost her lover

Today Mazzika released a new video clip for the artist Zeezee Adel, the song is called “Still Searching” “Mazal elbahs gareyan” the song is released on Youtube Mazzika channel, Nagham FM, MBC FM, you can also download it through Itunes. The song was released in her album “Ana Ontha”. It’s written and arranged by Ahmed Elbarazily, composed by Mohamed Shafik and directed by Jacob Lambes.

Hesham Abbas congratulate the Egyptians with “ 3amar Ya Masr “

The superstar Hesham Abbas has released a news song dedicated to the Egyptians in the celebration of The New Suez Canal

The song titled “ 3amar Ya Masr” lyrics by Mohamed Atef and composed by Mohamed Elnady.

Nancy Ajram in the New Suez Canal

The superstar Nancy Ajram has performed in the New Suez Canal’s celebration a new song titled “ 3al Baraka “ dedicated to the Egyptian Nation.

The song’s lyrics by Ayman Bahgat Amar and composed by Amr Mostafa

Amal Maher, Omar Khairat and Ayda in Ismailia

The New Suez Canal’s ceremony will start at 1:30 pm by the arriving of President Elsisi on El Mahrosa Yacht

The celebration will air footage and docuemntry movies about the Suez Canal

The concert will start at 7pm where The musician Omar Khairat will start it then a performance from The superstar Amal Maher.

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