Amal Maher’s album is the best seller in Dubai

The superstar Amal Maher has achieved a new success with her latest album “ welad ElNahrada “ as it’s the best selling album now in Virgin Mega store in Dubai.

Where Amr Diab is

Khairat, Elhagar & Nesma in The Opera

The opera has announced its concerts in Ramadan where they put an entertainment program contains 25 concert
The concerts will host a selection of artists such as Omar Khairat, Ali ElHaggar and Nesma Mahgoub

New religious song for Mohamed Rahim

Mazzika released a new religious song for the star Mohamed Rahem on Mazzika Official channel on Youtube.

The song also will be aired on Radio 9090,Nagham FM, MBC and also on iTunes

The song is for Ramadan titled “ Wallah Lek Sho2a “ lyrics by Mohamed El Esseri and composed by Mohamed Rahim.

Dalia Elbeheery now sings;

The Diva Dalia Elbeheery, just finished recording her new series songs “Yawmeyat Zawga Mafroosa” for Ramadan 2015.

Three relegious songs Today on Mazzika YouTube channel;

Mazzika is releasing three new religious songs for Ramadan on Mazzika YouTube channel, Nagham FM, 9090 radio, Mix FM, MBC FM, and ITunes.

The first song is for Esaf titled “Basaalek” written by Haytham Rabie, arranged by Aofa, composed by Camelio and directed by Moustafa Ammar.

Second song for the upcoming artist Ammar titled “Emam Elmorsaleen” written & arranged by “Salah Mounir”, composed by Mohamed Haroon and directed by Kamba.

Third religious song for the upcoming star Mohsen Elsayed titled “Ya Ramadan” written & arranged by “Mohsen Elsayed” and composed by “Mohamed Ibrahim.

Ahmed Gamal is busy;

The young superstar Ahmed Gamal is recording several religious prayers for Ramadan, He is staying in the studio the past days to finish recording, before delivering them to the distribution company. Gamal also finished recording Moustafa Hosni new program titre, “written and arranged by Aziz Elshafai” that will be broadcasted during the holy month of Ramadan.

Omar Khairat in Must Opera House

The big musician Omar Khairat is performing next Tuesday 16th of June in Must opera house
The concert will start at 8 Pm

Omar will play a selection of his masterpieces

Samira Saeed sings again for Shahrazad

The Diva Samira Saeed is back singing “ A7lam Sharazad” ‘s soundtrack co stars The Star Yehia ElFaghrany.

The soundtrack’s lyrics by Ayman Bahgat Amar and composed by Amr Mostafa

It has to be mentioned that Samira has sang before “ E7ky Ya Shahzarad” Alf Leila w Leila Soundtrack in 1984 and achieved a great success this time.

Amal Maher is Happy with her latest clip

The superstar Amal Maher Said that she is very happy with her latest clip “ Seket El salama “ and they new look she appeared with

Also she mentioned that the cooperation with the director Mohamed Sami has added to her as he introduced her in a new brand look

Mohamed Diaa’s memories with Abanodi’s voice over

With a good gesture and memorizing the late poet Abd ElRahman El abnodi, Mohamed Diaa has released a new clip “ Memories “ with Abanodi’s voice over and will be broadcasted on Mazzika

The clip is about the world war II and is directed by Hassan Abu El Fotoh.

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