Mostafa Amar Leman Yehmo El Amr 2

The superstar Mostafa Amar is doing the final process in his upcoming album” Leman Yehmo El Amr2. Mostafa wanted to use the same album name he used in the 90’s as it has great memories and success with his fans. the album will include 9 or 11 songs such as Agouz fl donia and Ragein

Tamer Ashour is preparing his album

Tamer Ashour is preparing his new album, Ashour is cooperating with Amr Yehya” and Nader Abdallah writers along with the composers Adel Haki and Asser, he will also arrange some of his songs. Adding to this that Ashour just finished arranging a new series called “Almotalakat”.

fans congratulates Khaled Selim for his newborn baby girl Kenzy

Fans congratulate Khaled Selim for his newborn baby girl Kenzy, , after he posted a photo on Instagram with her. Khaled now is filming his new series “baad El-Bedaia” that will be broadcasted in Ramadan and khaled almost finished recording his upcoming album but he didn't decided yet the album name and the release date.

Sekat El Salama more than 250k views in four days

Amal Maher new clip Sekat El Salama reached more than 250k views on Mazzika YouTube in 4 days. The song lyrics by Ayam Bahgat Amar, composed by Walid Saad and arranged by Toma. The clip directed by Mohamed Sami and it was filmed in Smart village and took three days to film and more than 20 days for editing.

Ramy Sabry Holds a concert to support the tourism

The superstar Ramy Sabry will hold a concert in Hurghada this 15th for supporting the Toursim

Also there will a press conference prior the concert
The concert’s aim is to attract million tourists within the coming five years.

Nesma Mahgoub records a new single

The talented singer Nesma Mahgoub is getting ready to release a new single “ 7ob ekhwat” lyrics by Yousef Yousef and composed by Mostafa Sadek

This comes after her participation in operetta “ EL Leila EL Kebira “

Today Seket Elsalama on Mazzika YouTube channel

Mazzika released Seket Elsalama video for “Soot Elshark” Amal Maher on Mazzika YouTube channel. Lyrics by Ayman Bahgat Amar Arranged by Waleed Saad and composed by Tooma, Galal Elzaki DOP and directed by Mohamed Sami. The clip is released from Amal’s latest album “Welad Elnaharda”.

Loai and new religious album

The superstar Loai is working on a new religious album as he has already recorded 3 songs
The album suppose to be released next Ramadan.

Zohor and “ Rad E3tbar “

The talented singer Zohor has released a new videoclip on Mazzika “ Rad E3tbar “ on Mazzika Youtube, Nagham FM, ElRadio 9090 and Nogomfm
It can also be downloaded from itunes

The song’s lyrics by Mohamed Abdallah and composed by Mohamed Diaa who discovered the talented singer.

Now Mazzika on Nogoum Fm

Mazzika will provide it’s music content to Nogoum Fm, This happened after several negotiation between Mazzika CO Eng. Hesham El gazar and Nogoum Fm operational Manager Mr. Karim El Hamidy.

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